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We offer 10 courses on free open source information sharing tools.

Our first course, Better Word Processing, explains how to create better documents.

In our second course, learn how to use Linux & LibreOffice to create web building documents!
In our thirdcourse, Create and Publish Your Own Book, learn how to use Libre Writer to create your own book! 

Our fourth course, Learn HTML and CSS, reviews important foundational skills for building basic websites.

Our fifth course – Create Your Own Interactive Website - shows you how to create an interactive website with Joomla, the world's most powerful web building platform!

Our sixth course, Create Your Own News Website, shows you how to create your own online news organization!

Our seventh course, Create Your Own Community Network, combines several free tools to form the ultimate online organizing platform! 
Our eighth course, Create Your Own Video Channel, shows you how to create your own channel with free open source video production tools!
Our ninth course, Create Your Own Online Store, shows you how to build an online store with VirtueMart - a free open source Ecommerce web building tool! 
Our tenth course, Create Your Own Online Course, shows you how to build online courses with Moodle, the world's most popular free course building tool!
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