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We offer 10 courses on free open source information sharing tools.

Our first course, Better Word Processing, explains how to create better documents.

In our second course, learn how to use Linux & LibreOffice to create secure documents!

Our third course, Learn HTML and CSS, reviews skills for building basic websites.

Create Your Own Interactive Website shows you how to create an interactive website with Joomla, the world's most powerful web building platform!

Create Your Own News Website shows you how to create your own online news organization!

Create Your Own Video Channel shows you how to create your own channel with free open source video production tools!
Create Your Own Online Store shows you how to build an online store with Phoca Cart - a free Ecommerce tool! 
In Create and Publish Your Own Book, learn how to use Libre Writer to create your own book! 


Learn how to create better documents and web pages



Replace Windows with the Free Secure Linux operating system!



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Welcome to College in the Clouds!

Welcome to College in the Clouds! Our mission is to help you learn how to publish your own book, start your own business, build your own interactive website and even start your own video channel or online store or community network. Our goal is to revolutionize the way books are written, websites are built, online businesses are run and online courses are taught by introducing you to a new generation of free open source web building tools.


We offer a 10 book series of courses on free tools for sharing knowledge. In our courses, books and videos, you will learn how to use several open source web building tools, including the free Linux operating system, LibreOffice for creating print books and Ebooks, Joomla for website management and Phoca Cart for Ecommerce. Open source means the source code, or software, is free and can be shared by anyone with anyone for any purpose. Open source is like a library...free and open knowledge shared with the community for the common good. No patents, no hassles, no barriers, no limits!

We offer 10 different courses on using free open source tools.


Here is a video about our courses here at College in the Clouds:

There is an online revolution occurring in the world today. Businesses are increasingly selling their products and services online. Educational organizations are teaching courses online. Social organizations are building their communities online. The latest news is being transmitted online. Authors are selling their books online. Families are shopping online. The sharing of knowledge and ideas is increasingly occurring online. If you want your business or book to succeed, it is time to join this revolution.

There is another online revolution occurring at the same time. Web 1.0 brought the Internet to the entire world. But folks could only look at websites. They could not interact with them. Web 2.0 allowed folks to interact with websites by clicking on buttons and filling out forms. But you still needed to learn computer programming if you want to have full control over your own website. With our books and courses, we are introducing Web 3.0 – full control over the appearance, content and function of your website – without computer programming – simply by clicking on a series of buttons! With our courses, you will be able to create your own interactive website to bring in new customers now and expand to accommodate growth in the future.



Course and Book #1 Better Word Processing

Our program begins with a courses on how to create better documents. Whether you are starting your own business or writing your own book, you are more likely to succeed if you understand how to write and structure your documents. We review how to use Google Docs, MS Word and Libre Office Writer word processors. We also explain how to capture and format images, how to format tables and how to securely share documents with others. We discuss the dangers of Windows ransomware and how it is transmitted primarily through downloading infected Word documents. Finally, we show how to create a custom book template – with custom page styles and paragraph styles - using Libre Writer.


Course and Book #2 Learn Linux and LibreOffice
Our second course includes learning how to install a free open source operating system called Linux Mint onto your computer. Linux Mint comes with over 60,000 free tools for managing documents, images and videos. One of the most important of these free tools is Libre Office – a free Word Processing tool that is idea for optimizing images and creating documents that can easily be transferred to our website. While Libre Office is available for Windows and Apple computers, it works best on the free Linux operating system. Thankfully, nearly any old computer you have can be easily turned into a Linux computer.


Course & Book #3... Learn HTML and CSS
Our third course reviews important foundational skills for building websites as well as how to create colorful website feature boxes and email newsletters.


Course & Book #4... Create Your Own Virtual Private Server

In this course, we review how to create a Debian based virtual private server using a free open source control panel called Hestia to build your online business on a public facing server hosted by a Canadian web host called Canhost.



Course & Book #5... Create a Secure Website
In our fifth course, Create a Secure Website, we cover how to build a secure foundation for your website. Thanks to recent developments, it is now possible for you to have complete control over the content, appearance and function of your website – and build your own virtual private server with a Hestia Control Panel without learning any computer programming. You can then use the Hestia Control Panel to install Joomla, the world's most secure website building tool. Many of the techniques we advocate in our books and courses have never been covered in any previous book or course on web building. If you have struggled to build a secure website in the past, you will be amazed at how much easier this process has become.


Note that this course is based on Joomla 4 and is replacing our former course, Create an Interactive Website which is based on Joomla 3.

Course & Book #
6... Create Your Own Online Store

In our sixth course, , Create Your Own Online Store, we explain how to use a free Joomla tool called Phoca Cart to set up an online store.


Course & Book 7… Create Your Own News Website
In this course, we will explain how to add several more free Joomla tools to turn your website into an online regional, national or international news organization.


Course & Book #8... Create Your Own Video Channel
In our eighth course, Create Your Own Video Channel, we show you how to set up your own video network combining free open source video production tools with a free You Tube Channel.



Course & Book #9... Create Your Own Community Network

Never has there been a greater need for independent people-oriented community organizing – social and political organizations empowered and built from the bottom up. For people to be able to join together, learn from each other and participate effectively in an independent bottom up political, economic and/or social movement requires a well organized online structure. Having spent more than 30 years teaching courses in problem solving and team building, I understand the importance of building personal relationships in order to build trust and cooperation within any group. I have therefore created this instructional platform for community organizers to help groups build and grow those important personal relationships.


Course & Book #10 Create and Publish Your Own Book
In our final course, we describe how to use free open source tools such as LibreOffice and Sigil to create a book and post it onto online retailers through IngramSpark. There is a very close relationship between a website and an Ebook. Both are ways of sharing knowledge in an organized manner. Because Joomla helps you organize your ideas by assigning articles to categories, it is easy to turn these categories into chapters of your book. So as you write pages for your website, you are also creating the foundation for your print Book and Ebook. Joomla also helps you turn your book into a website to help promote your book. We show you how to tie these knowledge sharing tools together.


A Complete Online Web Building Program without Computer Programming
Our primary goal is to introduce you to new tools and techniques that can help you build your own interactive website. However, we also hope to change the way Joomla is taught, and ultimately change the way websites are built. Our goals include offering you a new and radically different way to learn Joomla and build your website. To achieve these goals, in our books and courses, we offer several innovative features.

#1: The first difference is we use many more images
The first thing you will notice about our books and courses is the huge number of images. Each of our courses feature hundreds of images showing exactly how to perform various tasks. Images are useful in helping you see what the screens should look like when you are building your own website. These images are also intended to promote multi-modal learning. While some students learn best by reading words, others learn by looking at images.


#2: The second difference is we show you how to use many more tools

A second difference between our books and courses compared to traditional web building books and courses is that we demonstrate not only Joomla, but also how to add and use extra tools called extensions to your website.



Joomla by itself will not produce an interactive business website. The main power of Joomla comes from the thousands of free add-ons which are available on the Joomla extension directory. We provide detailed instructions on how to install and use dozens of important Joomla extensions.



#3: We include All Essential Steps... No Missing Steps
Another problem with traditional web building books and courses is that there are typically huge gaps in the instruction with many important topics not covered at all. For example, all of your web pages should have images. How to handle these images is barely touched on in most books. We will provide you with detailed instructions on how to organize, transfer and store images:



We offer five ways to learn how to use free open source web building tools.
First, visit our ten course websites and click through the pages.
Each of our ten free course websites have about 40 articles on how to use open source tools to build your business website. These websites provide many examples of the finished pages in addition to step by step instructions on how to create those pages.

The website for our first course is https://betterwordprocessing.com/

The website for our second course is learnlinuxandlibreoffice.org

The website for our third course is https://learnhtmlandcss.com/

The website for our fourth course is createyourownvps.com

The website for our fifth course is createyourowninteractivewebsite.com

The website for our sixth course is createyourownonlinestore.org

The website for our seventh course is createyourownnewswebsite.com

The website for our eighth course is createyourownvideochannel.org

The website for our ninth course is createyourowncommunitynetwork.org

The website for our tenth course is createandpublishyourownbook.com


Second, buy the print version, Ebook version or PDF version of our course books. All of our course books can be purchased as either a print book, Ebook or PDF book at a link provided on our websites. The Ebooks and PDF books allow you to read when you are not online and the print books allow you to read even when you are not near your computer. These reference books can be a great aid to keep beside your computer and refer to as you are building your own interactive website.



Third, watch our free course videos on our College in the Clouds You Tube Channel. Each of our courses has its own YouTube channel where you can watch free videos of concepts discussed in our courses. Each video is about 10 to 15 minutes in length and demonstrate how to perform many of the tasks described in the associated chapter of our courses.


Fourth, sign up for our free newsletter – also at collegeintheclouds.org to receive updated information on how to start your own business, publish your own book and/or build your own website, online store or online course.

Fifth, sign up for one or more of our interactive online courses!
We offer three levels of comprehensive individualized courses. In each course, we work directly with you to design and build your own interactive website or publish your own book or start your own online store or course.


To sign up for our free email updates and/or to sign up for any of our interactive online courses, click on the Join Now box at College in the Clouds.



For additional information, click on “Contact Us” at the top of the page.


Welcome to College in the Clouds… Put the power of the Internet to work for you!